The Compensation Plan

Good afternoon.  I just wanted to send out a training nugget this this Friday afternoon.  Today’s training is on our compensation plan.  Make sure that you are using these tools to help explain our comp plan.

1) Income Disclosure Statement Video

2) The income Disclosure Statement what makes this different than so many other companies income statements is that this is the ACTUAL numbers NOT a projection.  Projects are much higher but based in fantasy NOT reality.

Click to access lifevantage_earnings_claim_statement_v.04.pdf

3) This is a one page highlight of the comp plan.  I LOVE this sheet and use it regularly.

4) Instead of trying to go into detail explaining our comp plan to new distributors or prospects, have them watch this video.

5) Lastly.  If you need powerpoint slides on the comp plan.  Use this it also includes my full Super Saturday training and invitation “How to”

I hope that this information helps you build your business! Have a great Friday!


Turning Desire into Results _ Drip Marketing

The recording is in! Turning Desire into results- Drip Marketing Offer!